Creactives SpA started as a cost reduction consulting company. Our clients were mainly in manufacturing (including discrete manufacturing), utilities, oil and gas/mining, and logistics

We have successfully completed several big projects that included a significant amount of multilingual and cryptic data to be analyzed.

In order to provide an effective cost cutting strategy, we realized that enabling granular categorization in a plurilingual environment is an enabling factor. Another key aspect is the management of parts and services related to maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) spend which often make up for the vast majority of so-called ‘tail spend.’ The tail is the hardest part of a company’s spend to keep track of, mostly because is extremely difficult to understand and monitor and the ROI is significantly lower than non-tail spend. Having to deal with so many projects, we have developed deep expertise in the MRO category that can be exploited on behalf of many companies. As of today, Crectives has the world’s largest knowledge base of industrial components.

Our tools have inherited the expertise and know-how we developing during years of work in the field of cost management. We now make this unique solution – initially built to meet our own solution needs – available to all of procurement.

The entire organizational process of Creactives is ISO 9001 certified by the British Standard Institute (BSI).

Creactives is part of Creactives Group -the DataTech Hub for the Supply Chain – listed on Vienna Stock Exchange ( ticker: CREG )

Creactives is headquartered in Verona, Italy and we have offices in Spain, Germany, and France.

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